Using gmail for testing email in web development


If you’ve ever come across a project that required you to, for example, create an account to test email verification, then you’ve probably had the fun of creating your account, deleting your account, creating your account, deleting your account, repeat.


Drupal content assist via Zend Studio / Eclipse templates


One of the most efficient tools available (aka. hidden) within Zend Studio is Templates.  Imagine rendering an entire block of code for any Drupal hook just by typing something simple like hook_form.


Zend Studio content assist on Mac OS X Snow Leopard


While coding on a Mac earlier today I came across an issue where Zend Studio 7.2 was simply refusing to allow content assist to work.  A few Google searches later I came across some info buried in the Zend forums referring to some cryptic ZS prefs file hidden in a mysterious directory.


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